Romancing Yourself? Being Denied For Loans and Credit Cards?

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Recent Results Posted Below.

Recent Results Posted Below.

Recent Results Posted Below.

Great Client Reviews. We Systematically Remove Bad Credit and Make You Economically Viable.


Recent Results Posted Below.

Recent Results Posted Below.

Do you or your creditor hold the leash? Stop being bullied by your creditor.


Recent Results Posted Below.

Your Average or Bad Credit Does Not Repair Itself. Tired Of Living Check to Check?


Is Credit Repair Right For You? Do you have late payments and need to qualify for a mortgage or personal loan? Been denied for a car loan? We can help. Don't bury your head in the sand and pay high interest or get ripped off because "life got in the way." We remove most types of derogatory credit and most FICO credit scores see an increase of 35 to 50 points in 30 days if you follow the plan and advice.

Saving money resulting from credit repair. Consolidating your bills into one low payment. Creating more savings by repairing your credit

Poor or average credit costs you more in higher interest rates & daily compounded interest.


How It Works:

Our service includes our private assessment, contacting creditors on your behalf, sending documentation back and forth, and more. We have been trained on recent laws, statutes, and credit reporting practices. We prepare specific dispute letters that are tailor written based on your debts, similar to an attorney or a paralegal  writing an excellent brief. We also know what items on your report affect your score the most. We will spend time together over the phone to discuss  your goals and objectives. You don't have any rights if you do not know what they are. We remove and repair derogatory credit accounts holding you back in life. Please review our recent results below.

Why Us?

Free initial consultation and analysis.  We have an entire team of attorneys, paralegals, enrolled agents and financial analysts to produce results based on fifteen years of experience in unsecured and secured debt. Crisis management services available. Specific creditors make reporting mistakes and we are there to turn the creditor tables in your favor. Do the best thing you can do for your future. Call us today and let our experience save you time, money and frustration. We send certified mail to your creditors to prove up the debt on very specific dates and deal directly with the credit bureaus and creditors to remove inaccurate and erroneous information that is holding you back in life.  This debts is validated and certain accounts can be completely deleted.


Never up front fees. Work is completed in advance of payment


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What the creditors do not want you to know...

Aggressive Representation: Analysts-Lawyers-Paralegals

Good Credit Just Ahead

Derogatory Credit Costs You More. Understand Your Rights.

Your Credit Will Not Repair Itself.

We are licensed and bonded in all applicable states.  We never collect an advance fee and work is initially completed on your case before any fee is collected.   The Credit Repair Organizations ACT (CROA) is a federal law passed in September 1996 that regulates organizations whose purpose is increasing consumer's credit score through credit repair. Every client will receive a written contract in advance and you will have 3 days to cancel the contract.  Work will be completed in advance and you will make your first round of dispute payment 4 business days after the work is completed. 

Other Credit Problems & Questions:

1.Credit repair & FICO score results obtained is our #1 goal with your case. Most results occur within 6 months of being enrolled in the program.  You will be emailed on a weekly basis and will have your own personal log in portal.

2.Rebuilding Your Credit and not sure how?  There are many wrong things to do when you are rebuilding your credit score. DO NOT open a secured credit with a small limit, or open unsecured cards with small limits, or open several cards with an "authorized user."  I will assist you with opening the correct accounts to rebuild your credit score properly. 

Can bad credit cost you a job? Of course it can. You will experience higher interest costs including insurance rates. Low credit scores can hurt you in being hired for certain positions and can cost you thousands of dollars in interest. 

What We Realistically Remove From Your Credit Report:

*Judgments on a case-by-case basis-Judgment cancelled means the judgment can come off the credit report legally. The courts do not always appear on credit.  We have a very strong case when deleting judgments. We work hand in hand with a law firm in California and every client in California will speak with a licensed lawyer and paralegal during the process for judgment removal. 

*Collection accounts of all types including business debts

*Charged off accounts

*Student loan late payments and auto repos

*Bad credit resulting from a bankruptcy, short sale or loan modification

*Late payments on existing credit cards

*Did you complete your payments in debt settlement and your credit has not rebounded? We can assist you with rebuilding your credit profile.

*FICO Boosting Programs